LHS assistant takes on new role

Wiley Brakebill, former Loudon High School head basketball coach, gives instruction during a timeout against Lenoir City High School in 2018. Brakebill will take over basketball play-by-play duties starting this season on WLNT.

Wiley Brakebill, former Loudon High School head basketball and later assistant coach, is stepping away from the sidelines and will take on a new venture during the basketball season.

Brakebill was recently named the new “Voice of the Redskins” and will call all LHS boys and girls basketball games for the foreseeable future on WLNT.

“Wiley had done some fill-in for us during the end of the season when we went down to Brainerd, and he also did some Christmas tournaments,” Chip Lynn, WLNT owner, said. “We just wanted to take a new direction, and this also brings in that we’re going to start doing video. It was a natural fit to put those two things together.”

Brakebill decided to seize the opportunity and serve the basketball program in a different manner.

“An opportunity presented itself, and I spoke to Josh (Graves) about it and he’s got the program in great shape,” he said. “Of course, with Coach Ben Curtis being able to step in and help out, I just felt when Chip asked me to join and take on that role, I thought, ‘Well, where can I best serve?’ That’s what I’ve always been about ... just wanting to serve that program, school, players.”

He plans to help as an assistant coach at practice, and LHS head basketball coach Josh Graves believes Brakebill’s presence on the sidelines and in the locker room will impact the team.

“I think it affects us for sure,” Graves said. “I think it’s something we can overcome, but with Wiley’s experience and his ability to reach kids, I mean that’s something that doesn’t come very often. He can do things as an assistant coach and head coach, and man, that was an unbelievable help for me last year. To that effect, I hate to not have him on game night, but I know he’ll still make an impact in practice, and obviously, he’s going to do big things with the radio.”

Brakebill is looking forward to expanding RedskinRadio’s outreach and connecting with players, coaches and alumni.

“I’m really looking forward to getting the players and coaches involved,” he said. “I would love to be able to have more interviews with them and be able to get their thoughts and feelings on the game. I can’t speak for everyone, but I feel like people who listen to the game, they want to hear the players — that’s what they’re tuned into. I think one thing I can maybe offer is just knowledge of the players. I try to be as invested in them as I can and knowing who they are outside the game ... being able to have that connection with them.”

Ethan Collis will fill the second assistant coach position for the Redskins.

“Essentially, this year it’ll be myself, Coach Curtis and then my brother-in-law, Coach Collis,” Graves said.

“Both of those guys are more than capable. In the future, Wiley and I will talk about what he wants to do, and, obviously, I want him to be a part of the program as long as he wants to. In the future, we may look at hiring another assistant and somebody to be there on game night.”