Former LCHS guard makes history

Auburn University at Montgomery sophomore Jordan Brewster shoots a three-pointer during a game against Huntingdon College. Brewster graduated from Lenoir City High School in 2018.

Former Lenoir City High School guard Jordan Brewster concluded her sophomore year at Auburn University at Montgomery on a high note, becoming the fifth player in program history to score 200 career three-pointers.

She achieved the historical feat Feb. 27 in a 78-66 loss to West Georgia University after scoring 15 points.

“I didn’t even really know I had hit 200 threes when it happened, but I mean that’s huge. That’s really cool to only be a sophomore and have 200 threes, knowing that the record’s only like 340-something,” Brewster said. “I have the chance to beat that and become the player with the most threes in school history, and that’s pretty cool. I couldn’t have done all that without my teammates passing me the ball, getting me open on screens and stuff. It means a lot, knowing all the hard work that’s been put into it.”

Brewster graduated from LCHS in 2018, where she finished her high school career as one of the top players in program history and was named the 2018 All-County Player of the Year.

She saw plenty of action last year as a freshman at AUM and was the Lady Warhawks’ best shooter. Brewster carried that momentum into her sophomore season and finished the year as the third scorer on the team.

Brewster totaled 344 points, averaged 12.29 points per game and made a Gulf South Conference-high 98 three-pointers on the year.

“She had a really good, solid year,” Sean Page, AUM head women’s basketball coach, said. “I mean, she not only shot the ball really well, but all of her statistical categories improved. She had more rebounds, she had more assists, she scored more in different ways as well, not just from the three-point line. On top of that, she’s really grown into a really, really good leader for us in all aspects of the game and off the court as well. She’s a really good student, she was made a team captain this year as a sophomore, so she’s really grown and developed and matured into a really good basketball player for us.”

The Lady Warhawks struggled last season and finished 5-23 overall but improved to 12-16 this season with the help of Brewster.

“This season was a whole lot different than last season because, you know, last season we didn’t do too hot, but we got some good players, got a couple of JUCO transfers that really helped us out,” Brewster said. “We won 12 games, which is improvement and we’re always looking to improve, so that’s good from last year considering we only won five. We’re just looking to improve, and it’s good knowing we’re going somewhere, getting somewhere. This season, we never felt like we couldn’t win whereas last season, we didn’t really have a chance to win.”

Page knew he had a special talent in Brewster when she signed two years ago, but he didn’t expect her to adjust to the Division 2 level as well as she has in a short period of time.

“I mean, she’s proven she’s a really good player at the college level. I mean, there’s no doubt about that, she’s had two really good years,” he said. “A lot of times, kids will come in and have a really good freshman year and then sometimes hit the sophomore slump. ... I think she lived up to her freshman year and exceeded it in terms of her overall game and overall development. She may have averaged a point or two less, but our team averaged 10 points a game more. She had some more help around her.”

Page admittedly utilized Brewster as the Lady Warhawks’ primary offensive weapon last year, but he believes that experience helped vastly improve her overall game.

“As a freshman, she really was all we had offensively, but we were able to bring some kids in and get some kids around her that were pretty good offensively as well,” he said. “I feel like she had a better sophomore year than she did as a freshman, so I think the development and the ability to play at this level improved by what she did.”

Brewster spent countless hours last offseason working on all parts of her game from shooting to defense.

“This season, I think I improved on defense and stuff like that, but I still need to work on ball handling,” she said. “I can still get a quick release on my shot, so I’m just looking to improve certain areas of my game so that I can become more lethal of a player.”

Brewster is expected to play an even bigger role next season as a junior as she hopes to lead the Lady Warhawks to the National Collegiate Athletic Association Division 2 tournament.

“Personally, I just want to become the best player that I can for my team, but for the team, I want us to continue to get better, continue to win more games in the Gulf South Conference because it’s one of the toughest conferences in D2,” she said. “Hopefully, we can make it to the tournament next year, that’d be great, that’s a goal for sure ... maybe make it further than that, be top four in our conference. I just want to improve myself to help the team improve.”

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