Former LCHS guard creating a legacy

Auburn University at Montgomery’s Jordan Brewster shoots a jumper during a game last season. The 2018 Lenoir City High School graduate was named to the AUM Lady Warhawks All-Decade Team.

Former Lenoir City High School shooting guard Jordan Brewster has played beyond expectations in her first two seasons at Auburn University at Montgomery.

And she’s only getting started.

Brewster was one of five players selected July 31 to the AUM Lady Warhawks All-Decade Team after phenomenal back-to-back seasons.

“Honestly, I wasn’t expecting it at all because of all the other players that have come through AUM,” Brewster said. “I’ve heard that there’s been some really great players to come through, so for me to get to be on it with only playing two years is crazy to me. I’m really thankful to have made it. I wouldn’t have been there without the teammates that I’ve had, without the coaches that I’ve had, without my parents pushing me always, the support that I’ve always had.”

Brewster and teammate Victoria Morales are the only current players to make the team.

AUM officially made the jump to Division 2 from National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics, which makes the honor even more special from head coach Sean Page’s perspective.

“For the first part of the decade, we had a lot of success at the NAIA level,” Page said. “The last part of the decade, we’ve participated in the Division 2 level and probably haven’t had the same success. The other three played at the NAIA level so if you look back on the history of the program, there’s been some really great players in the last decade. It’s a really good group of kids and a lot of scoring. The fact she was able to get on that team as a sophomore, it’s outstanding.”

Brewster made an immediate impact during her freshman season and continued to build on that success heading into her sophomore year.

She became the fifth player in program history to score 200 three-pointers and averaged 12.3 points per game last season.

“I think coming out of high school, my game really revolved around the three-point line so it’s changed since college because people know that I can shoot, especially after the first year,” Brewster said. “I had to kind of expand my game a little bit and work with my teammates. You don’t just pick up chemistry like that. It’s really just been a process of getting better and moving forward.”

She led the Gulf South Conference with 98 made three-pointers during the 2019-20 season and scored a season-high 28 points against the University of Montevallo in which she knocked down eight threes.

“I think she well and truly deserves to be on the list when you look at what she’s done in terms of the two years here, and the three-point shooting has been up there with the best in the country,” Page said. “When you’re a player of the decade, it changes expectations, doesn’t it? There’s no secret there anymore because everyone in the league knows who she is, and she’s stamped herself as one of the best players in the program.”

Brewster suffered a back injury following the conclusion of the season in March and is looking to rebound heading into what could be a dynamic junior campaign.

“This summer break since March, I’ve had some back issues from basketball this past season, so I’ve really been doing a lot of alternate training,” she said. “I’ve been doing a lot of arms, working out and stuff and trying to take pressure off my back and shooting as much as I can. For the most part for staying in shape, I’ve had to swim and do the elliptical because the running just pounds on your back. I’m doing everything I can to stay in shape and get ready for this next season because if we do get to play, which I’m hoping we do, I think we can make a huge impact in the Gulf South.”

Projected as a team captain this season, Brewster could further cement herself as one of AUM’s top players.

“I just kind of want to become a more all-around player,” she said. “I’ve got the offense down and my defense is getting better, but there’s always something you can add to your game. For me, what I’ve really been working on is that little one-dribble pull up jumper. For the team, I think that we could go pretty far. ... I think it could be really good, and I think it could be dangerous.”