Kay and I just got in from our “farewell” visit to meet with the assisted living group at NHC in Farragut.

According to Ms. Karren Frankhouser, the director of activities for this group, I’ve been meeting once a month and talking with them for a little over five years. It’s been a lot of fun for me. I took the group some vanilla and some chocolate cupcakes and wished them a merry Christmas.

They all seemed to understand my reason for leaving is my being so sick and tired every day.

I’ve told you before I haven’t felt good for over three months in spite of about eight doctors’ appointments and prescription medicines by the fistful. I’m sure this is known as being sick and tired of being sick and tired, but ain’t there a cure for this?

Then I remembered in the past all of us enjoyed some kind of old-timey food such as cracklin’ cornbread that I’d fix and bring up during one of our meeting times. Some of these folks were completely unknowing as to what cracklin’ cornbread was, but they liked it very much.

For some unknown reason, I asked Karren if I could get in touch with her later and together we could work out a time, a day and even an old-timey food I could fix and bring to the group just to kind of keep in touch. She thought that was a good idea. Now all I must do is try to remember some of those old dishes from those days and try my best to fix them for another get-together.

The first thing I thought was what mama called “Ho-back.” As you remember, we never threw food away. You eat it now while it’s on the table or else you had it at the next meal. “Ho-back” was a sort of bread pudding made from her leftover biscuits. I guess I’ll call my sister’s family up in New Paris, Ohio, and see if any of them know the recipe for making that.

So I’ve gone from being a talker to being a maker of old-timey foods at NHC. Please note I did not use the word “cook.” I know better than that.

If any of you know the recipe for an old-timey dish, give me a call and please help me get off the hook, will you?

I have a freezer compartment on my fridge and it’s completely full of frozen foods. Why did I buy so many different items? I need to go through it and probably just throw out a lot of what’s in there or start trying to cook a gob of these things. Anything to help get rid of this mess in my freezer.

I hope you all had a merry Christmas.

Herb Linginfelter is a Lenoir City native who often writes of his years growing up here. Contact him at 865-986-7248.