On behalf of Mile of Dimes of Loudon Inc., and the Philadelphia Community Chest, I would like to thank those who helped us provide Food City gift certificates to more than 200 elderly and needy families in the Loudon and Philadelphia areas this Christmas.

Numerous individuals from the community showed up early Dec. 19 to deliver the certificates to recipient families. A special thanks goes to the Loudon Fire and Police departments, which provided additional gift cards to those recipient families in Loudon with children in the household.

Of course, none of this would be possible without money. We are especially grateful to those who donated, including contributors to United Way of Loudon County, Food City’s Race Against Hunger, Matlock Tire Company, Universal Equipment Company, Riverview Baptist Church, the Thompson and McKinley families, Vernon Schaffer and other anonymous individuals.

With your help, the lives of a lot of our neighbors were made a little brighter this Christmas.

Jim Thomason