Recently, there has been a spike in manufactured outrage relating to transgender women competing in the same sports leagues as cisgender, or non-transgender, women. Those who have an ax to grind against the already marginalized transgender community have chosen this as the newest battleground for their culture war.

This is incredibly foolish. Trans people, particularly trans youth, are over five times more likely to attempt suicide than their cisgender peers as a direct result of the hatred and discrimination so often aimed their way.

In March 2020, a female high school athlete filed a lawsuit against a transgender peer, alleging the transgender athlete had an unfair advantage due to her biological sex. This is despite the fact the aforementioned transgender athlete finished third in the race, while the plaintiff won.

The idea that allowing transgender women to participate against cisgender women is unfair is fundamentally untrue. By allowing any organization to determine which women are and aren’t “real women” a pandora’s box is opened that cannot be closed. In Idaho, a bill attacking transgender athletes led to an ACLU lawsuit because it unfairly discriminated against both transgender and cisgender women.

Transgender women are women. Period. Transgender youth already have to deal with so much hardship purely as a result of their gender identity, and it is cruel to contribute further to that by forcing them to compete alongside individuals who may be the same birth sex but not the same gender. Transgender youth do not transition in order to win at sports. Transgender youth transition because they want what the world sees them as to reflect what they know they always have been. Love each other.

Caleb Lantz