There has been another senseless vehicle wreck on Highway 444. Anyone really surprised?

This highway has become an obstacle course every time you drive it. People show total disregard for stop signs and red lights all up and down Highway 444. They will look you in the eyes and pull out in front of a vehicle traveling 50 mph only to drive at 25 mph and turn one street up.

Many times I and others have had to slam on our brakes and take evasive actions to avoid a wreck.

Some residents who do not live in Tellico Village have to use this highway and are tired of putting our lives in danger every time we do. I realize that Tellico Village is a retirement community, but I dismiss that reasoning for lethal driving habits.

Lowering the speed limits and adding traffic lights will not decrease the problems because few drivers seem to know what the red light means or how to negotiate a four-way intersection.

What we need is a increased presence from law enforcement to alleviate this deadly situation.

Mike Simpkins