People don’t recognize good government, or good journalism, today. Since 2015, I’ve subscribed to this newspaper, but its reporting disappoints. It is biased, representing establishment, elected officials well, but ignoring the public, and especially county taxpayers.

Loudon County government lacks transparency, and elected officials often behave more like tyrants than the benevolent dictators they usually are.

At the most recent redistricting committee, Pat Hunter — the best watchdog county taxpayers have here — and I commented publicly. Robert's Rules of Order weren’t enforced by the chairman, nor conveniently was the meeting recorded so the public could see how uncivilized it was. There were fireworks, but one would never know it by the way you reported it.

Input and comments from the public, often much more knowledgeable than politicians, are ignored or minimized by county government, and you are complicit by not reporting it. Taxpayers are treated differently, depending on whether or not they are liked, and commission policies and procedures aren’t uniformly followed. Worse than the lack of fairness in county government is the lack of common sense. Spending seems a lot more important than competency.

Tellico Village has three commissioners looking out for it, but actions negate that fact. Why does commission allow the least alcohol-tolerant one of them to lead the beer board? Much of the county growth is due to the Village, but why does it not have a representative on the county planning commission? Why don’t many elected/appointed representatives — for example, some commissioners — have official county e-mail addresses? Why is the website so lacking?

Few try to hold county government accountable, challengers are few and voter apathy will probably reelect them all.

Susan E. Gingrich

Tellico Village