In the Oct. 29 edition of the News-Herald, Steve Davis wrote a “Letter to the Editor” that claimed that America was “on a crossroads between prospering as a free nation and succumbing to communist rule” in reference to the ongoing presidential campaign. By the time readers see my response, the election will already have happened, though many ballots may remain uncounted and the winner undecided.

Davis’ rhetoric included his false claim that America was founded by Christian men and women on Christian ideals. As I’m sure he is aware, women were explicitly not allowed to be a part of the creation of our country, and many of our founding fathers were themselves not Christians — Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, Ethan Allen and Benjamin Franklin, among others. Furthermore, I believe Davis would be hard-pressed to find a Christian who believes that the explicit allowance of slavery in the young nation was somehow ordained by our God.

His unsubstantiated claim that this election was somehow between “prosperity and freedom” and “communism” is at best grossly misinformed and, at worst, active ignorance of fact in pursuit of a blind dogma. He leaves it fairly clear who he supports, and I would very much like to know which of Vice President Joe Biden’s proposed policies is anything even resembling communist. Is it his commitment to holding corporations accountable for their taxes and refusing to allow them to continue paying pennies of what they owe? Romans 13:6-7 instructs all of us to pay all of what is owed in taxes. Is it his support of racial equality and the Black Lives Matter movement? Galatians 3:28 tells us that we are all equal in the eyes of the Lord.

I implore you, vote. Vote now, vote always.

Caleb Lantz