I am concerned about the future of the Lenoir City swim team.

My daughter swam with the team for seven seasons and I was the team manager her senior year. The team has grown and continues to be a successful, worthwhile experience for student athletes in our middle and high schools.

This team produced Olympic gold medalist Claire Donahue as well as many state meet qualifiers and college scholarship recipients. When the Claire Donahue Aquatic Center opened for business, it was a game-changer for our swim team since our swimmers had been forced to practice at Maryville College and in Sweetwater in prior years.

These student athletes work hard all season to improve their strokes and endurance. The schools here have never truly recognized the talent and dedication of these young swimmers. Has another team sport in Lenoir City produced an Olympic athlete?

These student athletes deserve the support of their school board and community and a place to practice and hold meets during the season, which falls in cold weather months.

The bubble at the pool needs replacement. Our city leaders, as well as our Lenoir City Board of Education, must help this worthy team with this dilemma. The community benefits from the use of the bubble enclosing the pool during the colder months for swim parties and water aerobic classes.

The replacement of the bubble structure is a necessary endeavor our city leaders and school board must work together to accomplish.

Jennifer Yarbrough

Lenoir City