Animal shelter helps provide joy

Our beloved cat of 15 years, King Solomon, better known as Wimpy, passed away.

Recovering from surgery that I had, my wife and I made a visit to the Loudon County Animal Shelter. We wanted a cat. We immediately fell in love with this orange-colored cat.

At the time we did not realize that his front paws had been declawed. We knew we would have to make him an inside cat. After a few days he grew to love the house he was in. You could open a door and he would refuse to go outside. He would get so upset when we took him to the vet that his little nose would turn pink.

Back home, he would be so happy. He brought us so much pleasure and happiness that he became a member of our family.

You might say, “So what? He was just a cat,” but not to us.

The purpose of this letter is to thank the Loudon County Animal Shelter for the work they do.

Richard Hill

Lenoir City