The laws that are on the books now address all necessary violations concerning firearms.

I have heard the Biden administration intends to place taxes on certain firearms. These particular firearms are described as assault rifles, military weapons and other names intended to make the general public think they are for war only.

This could not be further from the truth. These guns are used for hunting, recreational shooting in contests of skill and accuracy and just to shoot for fun. The owners of these guns are not, as they are described, criminals. They are law-abiding citizens we should respect.

Many people are being misinformed by the media to segregate this relatively small group of law-abiding American citizens. The old adage divide and conquer is evident here. To stop the ongoing dividing of all Americans, action like this must stop. This can be accomplished by strong leadership without alienating any group of Americans.

We need to look at who is responsible for enforcement of current gun laws and make sure the laws are being enforced. We need to demonstrate that when these laws are broken the maximum penalty is applied.

Guns used in crimes are almost never acquired legally. We have seen the reports of guns getting into the hands of young people because of the irresponsibility of adults.

Our government representatives must address this matter without removing any of our rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Jack Weiss