The weather forecast recently showed temperatures getting into the mid and upper 90s.

Back in the late 1930s, we boys looked forward to these hot summer days. It seems to me everyone knew they were coming and there was nothing anyone could do about it, so we all just made the best of it.

We kids had something to do every day of the year — winter and summer, cold or hot. We were taught God made our days and he would let us enjoy them all if only we would let him. Oh I know, being a little kid didn’t come with a lot of responsibilities but our parents sure taught us some good stuff.

One thing I bought as soon as I could when I got a job at the Rexall was a big electric fan. Mama was afraid it would make me sick with it blowing cool air on me while I was asleep, so I didn’t get to use it as I wanted. But you gotta do what you gotta do, especially if Mama told you to do it.

We boys sweat a lot during the summer while playing ball, roller skating or jumping at hopscotch but we enjoyed doing them all and many more.

Hot days still came even after school started again in September. Nowadays it seems all of us fuss all the time about our weather. It’s too hot, too cold, too dry, too rainy — always “too something.” I guess all we can do is ask for forgiveness, but do we?

We had a few snows so big and deep, school had to be dismissed until cleared up a little. That didn’t happen real often but when it did, we kids took those days off from school to sled down all these hills where I now live on Pine Top or go over to B Street in town where the city had blocked traffic and made the street open for sledding from 5th Avenue all the way down to the railroad tracks.

I guess every boy from those days can recall how much fun we had back then. I ain’t saying during the winter was the only fun months we had, but I am saying we didn’t let below-freezing temperatures keep us from having fun every day. As I told you, by the same token, we didn’t let “scalding-hot” days get in our way of enjoying each day of our life.

From spring to fall were the times we went camping and spending a few days somewhere away from home. It could’ve been out in Roane County at Eblen’s Cave, up the Tennessee River at the Mizell’s Bluffs, on up river at the Vow Boys or maybe up the Little Tennessee at Coytee Springs. There was always somewhere we could camp out if we wanted.

We sometimes would hitchhike to Chilhowee Park in Knoxville and enjoy the rides, then hitch rides back home after dark. But it took money to enjoy the rides at the park so we didn’t go there often.

What I’m trying to say with all this gibberish is if you have the right attitude — as well as the right friends — then you ain’t going to have many problems at all with having fun every day of your life. The most important thing of all this is your own right attitude.

Of course, it is made up of several parts, but every one of those is wholly dependent upon you and only you. Just think about this, and I wish you good luck.

Herb Linginfelter is a Lenoir City native who often writes of his years growing up here. Contact him at 865-986-7248.