It’s June and dairy is just about everywhere you look.

Milk is perfect for a hot summer’s day, or any day for that matter. But there’s more to dairy than just plain milk. Luckily, you can enjoy dairy in many other ways.

One perfect way to enjoy dairy is through an age-old dessert that anyone can enjoy.

Ice cream is a wonderful way to consume dairy for even the pickiest of eaters. With its abundance of flavors and smooth and creamy texture, ice cream is definitely something just about everyone can enjoy.

Another good dessert to try is frozen yogurt. A lot like ice cream, frozen yogurt is creamy and comes in many varieties. With slightly fewer calories, this is one treat you can’t skip out on. You can make both confections at home easily to fit your style and taste.

Now if your sweet tooth is satisfied, there are tons of other options. One delicious and nutritious option is common and can be used in dozens of ways. Cheese is high in calcium and protein, as well as vitamins A and B12. You can eat cheese alone or with other items such as crackers or fruit. It can be used in countless meals, such as macaroni and cheese or spaghetti. You can also have a huge variety of different types of cheese, ranging all the way from cheddar to Parmesan.

One way to get the perfect amount of both sweet and savory is to enjoy a cup of yogurt. Yogurt is loaded with protein and calcium and comes in many flavors and types. You can eat yogurt as a breakfast food or even as a light snack.

If eating yogurt plain is unappealing, you can always put this enjoyable ingredient into other dishes, or as a side for any meal. This healthy and nutritious food can cater to any eater and still pack calcium in a powerful punch.

During June, dairy is something everyone can consume. Whether it be in a cool glass of milk or in a huge bowl of ice cream, the benefits of calcium and eight other essential nutrients are everywhere. Enjoy the month by getting more with milk.

Elizabeth Bright, a 14-year-old rising freshman at Loudon High School, is the Loudon County 4-H June Dairy Month chair of the year.