Celebrating my birthday was a family affair

I turned 90 years old Oct. 8.

Because most of us wanted to be in church that day, we scooted our get-together up to the day before and had another feed. Two of our usual crew still missed it — Amy’s friend, Kevin, who just bought a house in Roane County, and my grandson, Thomas. He had to work late at The Lost Sea Adventure. We still had eight here.

Sam, my son, ordered four large pizzas. My oldest granddaughter, Jennifer, picked them up for us. She and her husband, Drew, brought them down from Knoxville. Sam told me it was my birthday gift and wouldn’t take any money. I’m telling you, that can’t just be beat.

Thanks to those who came to eat and to all those who called to wish me a happy birthday. With this column is a photograph of my pizza birthday dinner.

Like I’ve said, I ain’t no cook by far, but every once in a while I enjoy trying to fix us something to eat and if we think it’s good, we’ll have it again later on. I guess my favorite is “Mexican casserole” because it has four vegetables and meat in it and is covered with a layer of corn bread. That gives you a full supper in one dish, and it is good tasting.

Thomas made up his absence by coming Oct. 13 to eat “orange BBQ pork ribs” with me and Kay. Anyway, let’s move on.

I’m going to try to get these articles printed into book form and have them published. I have almost gotten to that point but I’ll keep you updated on all that stuff.

I was thinking about our grade-school days and our teachers and I know a lot of things that went on those days and many of these I can’t put into the paper but they were funny and bring back many good memories.

There is one in particular that always comes to my mind and that’s when one of my classmates needed to go to the bathroom and Ms. Ritchey told him it was only a few minutes until bell time. She told him to wait until the end of the class to go. He told her he couldn’t wait any longer.

It was summer and, with no air conditioning back in them days, the windows were open. Since we were on the ground floor of the building, he proceeded to jump out of the window and run behind a tree. In spite of all her yelling and hollering at him, he did what he had to do while all of us in the classroom were laughing at these actions taken by both the student and the teacher.

And, of course, there was another time when one of our boys in the middle of class walked up front to our teacher’s desk and told her how pretty he thought she was. He grabbed her and gave her a kiss before she could get away. You could hear the wooden paddle being used and you just knew it had to hurt. And you’re right, there did come a time later when I found out for sure how much pain that paddle could give.

I still believe banning school discipline such as this is a major cause of why we have a lot of the problems we have today. Even parents can’t paddle today.

Go figure, huh?

Herb Linginfelter is a Lenoir City native who often writes of his years growing up here. Contact him at 865-986-7248.