Perception Health, a leading provider of predictive analytics for the healthcare industry, is based near Nashville, Tennessee, widely recognized as a national health care industry capital and global health care industry leader. The the company’s intuitive tools provide the insight the industry needs to analyze existing conditions, optimize care, and maximize revenue by provider networks. For more information, Content Exchange

NASHVILLE, Tenn., Jan. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Perception Health, a leading provider of healthcare market prediction software, announced today the national rollout of Monthly Executive Reports.

"Our team of healthcare data experts has culled out the most impactful metrics for the health industry by local markets," said J. Tod Fetherling, Chief Executive Officer, Perception Health. "Our goal is to bring our expertise to all executives to assist in taking bold actions based on fresh market insights."

The new Monthly Executive Report tracks market share, share of care, referral patterns, and quality care. It provides actionable insights by consolidating key measures of an effective strategy into one view. The report is comprehensive and well-designed to help you make holistic, data-driven decisions with the help of industry-leading analytics technology and the most complete data set.

"Our clients tell us these insights are more critical today than ever due to the important shifts in patient and provider patterns," Fetherling said. "Traditional referral patterns have become more unstable with the expansion of online services, new competitive threats to traditional services, and new players entering the marketplace from vertical expansions."

Perception Health empowers clients to remain nimble and capitalize on these pattern shifts.

"Pleasant Valley Hospital partnered with Perception Health in 2020 to focus on actionable insights," said Jeff Noblin, Chief Executive Officer, Pleasant Valley Hospital, Inc. "The market intelligence provided by Perception Health has allowed us to create a game plan for 2021 that leverages our strengths in the market to execute on our mission in the community."

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Perception Health brings together the industry's strongest clinical data framework, extraordinary analytical expertise, and unmatched visual reporting technology to create the most powerful Market Position Intelligence platform available. Our intuitive tools provide the insight the healthcare industry needs to optimize care and maximize revenue by provider networks.

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