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Dave McCormick, a veteran and former hedge fund CEO, hails from a small, family-run christmas tree farm in Bloomsburg, Pa. Now McCormick joins the race for Pat Toomey's open seat alongside another high-profile candidate, Dr. Oz.

McCormick's residency has been a controversial point, similarly to Oz, as both were long-time residents of another state before recently establishing residency in Pennsylvania. According to NBC news reports, McCormick purchased a home outside of Pittsburgh prior to his campaign announcement.

McCormick is lauded for his hard work as a former wrestler at Bloomsburg High School, then at West Point Military Academy, and as the CEO behind one of the world's largest hedge funds with an international scope, Bridgewater Associates. He also holds a Ph.D. from Princeton University’s School of Public and International Affairs.

The former executive has experience in government, as well, previously serving as a Treasury official under President George W. Bush's administration.

McCormick is known for ties to former President Donald Trump, and runs a campaign message that echoes Trump rhetoric. As written on Dave McCormick's Facebook page, he is "running to defend the American Dream for future generations from the radical left...and defend the America First agenda!"

Dina Powell McCormick, McCormick's wife, is also tied to the former President, having served as Trump’s deputy national security adviser. Dave was also considered for a position in Trump's cabinet, according to NBC news reports. Two former Trump cabinet aides, Hope Hicks and Stephen Miller, are reportedly advising his senate campaign.

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