A woman with Loudon County ties had a connection to Nashville’s Christmas morning bomber.

Loudon County Sheriff’s Office helped the Federal Bureau of Investigation interview Michelle Swing, a woman deeded a house in Antioch by Anthony Quinn Warner, 63, only days prior to the bombing.

Swing, once a Lenoir City resident and University of Tennessee graduate, was found at a residence in the Avalon community where the FBI and LCSO conducted the interview.

FBI agents later raided the house in Antioch where Warner had been living.

On Christmas morning, 2nd Avenue of Nashville was rocked by an explosion set off in a recreational vehicle sitting idle on the street.

Human remains were found at the scene matching Warner, the suspected bomber, according to a release by the FBI.

“Essentially, they just interviewed Michelle Swing, who we came in contact with,” LCSO Sgt. Matt Fagiana said. “Obviously, interviewed her about her connection with the suspect in Nashville. It’s my understanding that she didn’t necessarily have a close friendship, it was more of a family friendship because he had deeded her the home. That’s what they were talking to her about. She technically was the owner of the home, so we had to talk to her to get consent to search that home is pretty much what they spoke to her about.”

The deed transfer was unexpected to Swing.

“She had just gotten that paperwork in the last few days,” Fagiana said. “It was a surprise to her. She had no reason why he was doing that.”

The motive for the bombing remains unclear. Agents with the FBI and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives are still collecting and analyzing evidence.