Loudon County Schools has named teachers, principal and supervisor of the year for 2022.

All of the educators, with the exception of the new teachers of the year, will be eligible to move on to the state level. New teachers are those who have been teaching three years or less.

Mike Garren, director of schools, named the winners at Thursday’s meeting of the Loudon County Board of Education. He said he delivered a cookie cake to each of the winners at their schools.

Scott Mackintosh of Loudon High School was named Principal of the Year. Garren said he cannot think of anybody else he would have running the high school, noting Mackintosh brings a positive and student-centered culture.

Matthew Tinker was named Supervisor of the Year. Tinker has been a supervisor at Loudon County Schools for three years and has worked with the district for 18 years.

Elementary School Teacher of the Year Alyce Parrott is a leader at Philadelphia Elementary School where she teaches third grade, Garren said.

Carlee Snyder was named New Elementary Teacher of the Year. A teacher at PES for three years, her ability to help her students achieve their greatest potential makes Snyder a great asset to the system, Garren said.

High School Teacher of the Year Taylor Peters does an amazing job teaching English at LHS, Garren said, adding that she is known for excellent communication with students and parents.

New High School Teacher of the Year Kylie Hawkins teaches health sciences and medical courses at LHS. Garren said Hawkins is helping train a new generation of Emergency Medical Technicians.

Middle School Teacher of the Year Lisa Michaels helps keep the beat at three schools, teaching band at PES and Fort Loudoun Middle School and helping out with the LHS Marching Band.

Nicole Webb, New Middle School Teacher of the Year, has got off to a great start in her first few years teaching English to sixth-grade students at FLMS.

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