General Sessions Court Judge Rex Dale shared intentions to discipline Loudon County Juvenile Director Kevin Curbow following an investigation by the Loudon County Ethics Committee.

County Attorney Bob Bowman told the committee in August that he believed Curbow violated ethics policy. The committee met Thursday to review a letter from Dale, Curbow’s supervisor, regarding disciplinary action.

“Mr. Curbow has been an employee in the Loudon County Juvenile Department for 15 years, first as a probation officer, until he was promoted to director,” Dale said in his letter. “As director, he successfully operated the Juvenile Department providing indispensable services to Loudon County kids who have been dependent and neglected, as well as to children who have been charged and/or adjudicated with unruly and delinquent actions. His personnel file contains no prior job-related violations, ethical or otherwise. He has performed his official duties and job responsibilities with excellence. Under his leadership, the Loudon County Juvenile Department has received state recognition for excellence.

“As to the likely ethics violation, the juvenile disclosure occurred during a casual conversation with on-duty law enforcement personnel, and not to the general public,” he added. “While he did not mention the juvenile’s name, he did identify the child’s parent, which was improper.”

Dale gave Curbow a verbal warning, placed a letter in his personnel file, ordered he undergo an alcohol assessment evaluation within 30 days of the letter dated Aug. 25 and that he be on probation until he completes the assessment. Any treatment recommended will be at Curbow’s expense.

The action stemmed from an incident in late June at McGhee Square Apartments in Lenoir City in which Curbow, along with two others, interacted while intoxicated with Lenoir City police officers.

An apartment assistant manager called 911 and banned Curbow from the premises after the trio allegedly refused to abide by a night curfew. Dale previously said Curbow apologized to the apartment complex manager but not the assistant manager.

Committee members Eddie Simpson and Bill Satterfield motioned and seconded, respectively, to have Bowman send a letter to Dale ensuring Curbow has completed his assessment, which passed 5-0.

“Right now I think that we’re headed in the right direction, and I understand it is Judge Dale’s decision as to how to discipline his employee,” Kelly Littleton-Brewster, committee member, said. “We’ll just wait on the letter from attorney Bob Bowman to see about the assessment and to make sure that assessment is complete, because what we want to do is to make sure what is best for our juveniles in the county and making sure the assessment is done for Mr. Curbow.”

Another meeting will occur after the committee hears from Bowman, Littleton-Brewster said.

“I believe our county attorney is sending a letter to Judge Dale with what we discussed today and what we’d like to see as far as him completing his steps and all of the things that the judge laid out for him,” Matthew Tinker, committee member, said. “Once he sends the letter to the judge and the judge confirms with our county attorney, then I think Kelly will be setting up another meeting to just go over those findings. I think we’ve done just about everything that can be done. It’s now left up to in Judge Dale’s hands.”

Dale and Curbow were not present at the meeting. Curbow declined comment when contacted.