A Lenoir City woman has died after a vehicle hit her Friday morning at Rock Springs Road and McGhee Boulevard intersection.

Loudon County E-911 Center Executive Director Jennifer Lanter said the call came in of a struck pedestrian at 10:16 a.m. Friday. Lenoir City police and fire departments, along with Priority Ambulance, were called to the scene.

The pedestrian, Lorraine Lockridge, 59, died shortly after being transported to Fort Loudoun Medical Center.

“There was a 2017 Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck traveling on Rock Springs Road from Old Highway 95,” Don White, Lenoir City police chief, said. “The driver pulls up to the stop sign to turn left onto McGhee Boulevard. The pedestrian, Lorraine Lockridge, she would have been traveling from the Broadway area on the greenway going toward the high school area. He said that he looked to the left and did not see anybody and turned to the right to clear the intersection coming down 6th Avenue, pulled away from the stop sign turning left and said he did not see her until she struck the front of the vehicle.

“So the time of day with the sun position and then the possibility of the windshield post on the vehicle, we feel like at this stage there was no indication of distracted driving, there was no — the witness testimony of that was there at the scene corroborated what he said that he did stop at the stop sign and it was just we don’t know if she was actually jogging or walking,” he added. “It was just a very unfortunate tragedy.”

Stephen Rawls, 66, of Lenoir City, who was driving the truck, agreed to take a blood screen, but White said the toxicology report could take 60-90 days. There was no indication Rawls was under the influence, White said.

When paramedics arrived, Travis Estes, county Emergency Medical Services director for Priority Ambulance, said Lockridge was “barely breathing” with injuries to her chest and head.

“She had a heart rate at that time, but she had critical head and chest injuries,” Estes said. “So we went ahead rendered aid there, put an airway in her. Asked for LifeStar to meet us at the hospital and then as we arrived at the hospital she went into full cardiac arrest so we came inside the ER here where we worked on her probably an additional 45 minutes putting in chest tubes, hanging blood on her, doing those types of things, but we were unsuccessful. She passed away here at the ER in Fort Loudoun.”

White hoped to have the investigation complete today.

“Right now everything’s under investigation but as it stands we feel like that it was just purely an accident,” White said.

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