For the second straight year, Lenoir City employees will get a bonus in lieu of the city’s annual employee Christmas luncheon.

Lenoir City Councilmen James Brandon and Eddie Simpson motioned and seconded, respectively, to offer $300 for full-time employees and $150 for part-time employees this holiday season. The vote passed 6-0.

“We’ve got some employees that are still hesitant to get in large crowds,” Tony Aikens, Lenoir City mayor, said. “Obviously, I’m trying to look at those employees just like the others that want to have something, but all the city employees — I mean, obviously, we’ve had people out with the COVID virus — but all city employees worked within the city. We never shut down. We worked. I just feel like we ought to reward those employees and give them something for Christmas.”

Amber Scott, city administrator, agreed.

“We want to keep people safe and healthy,” Scott said. “... We feel it’s a good thing for the employees. It helps the families as well as stimulates the local economy at Christmas time.”

In other news, Lenoir City Council:

• Passed a plan of services and resolution annexing 1.14 acres at 264 and 386 Williams Ferry Road.

• Approved purchase of $9,698.33 for an energy efficient cover for the Claire Donahue Aquatic Center. The old cover was declared surplus property.

• Canceled the Nov. 22 and Dec. 27 council meetings.