Three weeks after Lenoir City Board of Education gave the nod for a new turf football field, board members Thursday unanimously authorized a turf baseball infield.

Board members Glenn McNish and Mitch Ledbetter motioned and seconded, respectively, for the new field. The vote passed 3-0, with board members Bobby Johnson Sr. and Matthew Coleman absent.

The baseball turf field was supposed to considered during the Oct. 7 board meeting, but its absence on the agenda forced the board to have a special called meeting Thursday before the regularly scheduled workshop.

Baseline Sports Construction will install the turf for $227,220, Jeanne Barker, Lenoir City director of schools, said.

Baseline is also going to put in the football turf field for $626,999.

“One of the things we’re trying to do is make all of our athletic facilities multipurpose so that they can be used constantly,” Barker said. “We are trying to be good stewards of the facilities that we have and the opportunities for students. This simply allows us to work independently of a lot of weather conditions and save on maintenance costs that we can have multiple sports using facilities all at the same time.”

Barker said she believes the turf field will save money, although a definitive figure was not known Thursday.

Jeanie Mowery, business manager, pointed to a cost savings by not having to purchase seed and fertilizer.

“We’ve got some data that show utilities bills, those kinds of things,” Barker said. “There most definitely will be costs, but when you do both of them together you can use some of the same equipment, so by doing both of them we are having not as much cost savings as we initially thought but it is coming within budget.”

Rick Chadwick, board member, hopes the football and baseball fields can be used for youth sports and possibly tournaments.

“Well, they’re coming up and they’ll be playing on it and it’d be really exciting for them to use something like that,” Chadwick said. “The same for the football field. It’d be good — they’ve got their own field — but it’d be good for them to play on it just for the same kind of experience. Maybe have some kind of jamboree or something like that.”

In other news, Lenoir City Board of Education:

• Approved a TN All Corps grant.

• Awarded the Chromebook warranty bid to Stay Mobile for $26 per year per student the first two years and $24 for year three of the contract.

• Amended the 2021-22 General Purpose Fund.