Greenback Alderwoman Robin Blankenship released a public resignation letter May 23 on social media in which she criticizes Mayor Dewayne Birchfield and other board of aldermen members Delmar Davis, Johnny Walker and Linda Black.

"As I sit and listen to the mockery at the city council meetings held by you (Birchfield) and your other council members and realize that if you didn’t have someone sitting behind you feeding you what to say that you would not have a clue how to handle the meetings, even with the agenda right in front of you," Blankenship wrote in her letter. "You are a complete joke in that position and being led around by those who ran your campaign most of who are not even residents of the city."

Blankenship accuses Davis and Walker of lying about their recollection of events related to the deeding of property from the city to the Greenback Volunteer Fire Department by former mayor Tom Peeler. The city is currently involved in a lawsuit with the fire department and Peeler to reclaim the property, claiming it was deeded over to the department improperly.

"They both know exactly how the meetings were held before and they both know what was and was not voted on but both say 'they don’t recall' even though Delmar made the motions before and met others to decide what property should be deeded over," Blankenship wrote. "Delmar himself added extra property to the PPAWS side to 'make sure to block off the gate so the school would not have access'."

Blankenship, daughter of Peeler, sent her resignation to the city in the form of an email, which Birchfield called "pretty nasty."

In a statement responding to the letter from Blankenship, Birchfield wishes Blankenship well and thanks the remaining board members for their "continued service."

He goes on to list activities that have been held in the city in recent months since he was elected to office and concludes by challenging critics.

"I would also like to ask what you are doing personally to contribute to our town being the best it can be," he wrote. "You are invited to volunteer at any time in our community garden, or our food pantry, or our summer reading program. You can go on a trash pickup day, or visit an elderly neighbor, join the new neighborhood watch, or mentor a teen in need of a friend.

"... Because sitting in your home complaining that things aren’t the way they used to be helps no one," he added. "Not you, and especially not your community. And the love you refer to as missing from Greenback can easily be put right back in by your actions. I have no desire to make Greenback in any way less loving. I do however plan to make sure it is run legally. That is my job as your mayor. And if that offends you I apologize. But in that sense I can assure you that Greenback will change."

Blankenship declined to respond to questions related to her resignation letter.

Birchfield has not considered what to do as a replacement for Blankenship at this time.