A Loudon County grand jury returned indictments April 12 on three local men charged in separate child sex crimes.

Emilio Michael Ortiz, 59, of Lenoir City faces 74 counts of especially aggravated sexual exploitation of a minor, one count of solicitation to commit especially aggravated sexual exploitation of a minor, six counts each of aggravated sexual battery, sexual exploitation of a minor and statutory rape by authority figure, three counts of violation of child protection act and four counts each of statutory rape by authority figure and aggravated statutory rape.

Don White, Lenoir City police chief, declined comment on the case and directed request for comment to 9th Judicial District Attorney General Russell Johnson, who also declined comment.

According to an April 19 press release from Johnson’s office, the case was investigated by 9th Judicial District Attorney General’s office Internet Crimes Agent Cortney Dugger and Lenoir City Police Inv. Jason Smith.

In a report from Smith, Dugger on Oct. 21 pretended to be a 17-year-old girl and interacted with Ortiz through Facebook Messenger.

“Mr. Ortiz commented that he would pay for images and used the term ‘fill my heart with your images’,” Smith wrote in the report. “On Oct. 29, Ortiz communicated with Agent Dugger acting as a juvenile female and stated he would get a hotel room so they could meet later. He also responded with a bra and panties emoticon when asked if he had any special requests.”

Ortiz was arrested by Dugger Oct. 29 at a business on Bon Street in Lenoir City.

“Ortiz stated what he did was stupid and when asked about any previous nude photos, he stated he deleted them,” Smith wrote in the report.

Of the 98 counts listed in the indictment, incidences allegedly date back to January 2008.

Ortiz’s case was originally heard and bound over by General Sessions Court in December, according to the press release. He has been in custody since Oct. 30 on a bond of $250,000. An arraignment date is set for May 4.

Jurors also returned an indictment against Jonatan Samuel Camey Cifuentes, 19, of Lenoir City, who faces two counts of rape of a child.

According to the indictment, on or around Sept. 12, Cifuentes allegedly had sexual contact with a minor.

In an unrelated case, Miguel Rivera Rodriguez, 20, of Philadelphia was indicted for one count each of aggravated rape of a child, aggravated sexual battery and child abuse.

According to a report from Loudon County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Det. Charlie Cosner in December, a woman came to LCSO claiming her 5-year-old daughter said a man raped her while she was at his home.

Gonzalez admitted he was lying in bed with the girl who was asleep. He pulled her pants down and sexually abused her. The girl awoke and pushed his hand away, according to Cosner’s report. Gonzalez remains in custody on a $317,000 bond.

Abuse indictments

Two people from Lenoir City and another from Loudon have been indicted in a child abuse case.

Lenoir City residents Sierra Fickey and Steven Fickey face one count each of aggravated child abuse and aggravated child neglect, while Loudon resident Lisa Michelle Fickey faces one count of violation of the duty to report child abuse law.

The indictment states that on or around Oct. 15, Sierra and Steven did “unlawfully and knowingly abuse” a child under 8 years old, which resulted in subdural hemorrhages.

Sierra and Steven were arrested April 15 and held on $50,000 bond. Sierra was released, while Steven remains in custody. Lisa turned herself in April 15 and was released on $5,000 bond.