Thanks to a local dispatcher and Loudon County Sheriff’s Office deputy, a missing Kentucky man was reconnected with family more than 200 miles away.

LCSO Deputy Austin Parton was headed home after his shift ended at midnight Feb. 9 when he noticed a vehicle speeding and swerving on Interstate 75.

“I was under the impression that it was going to be an impaired driver,” Parton said.

After running the tag, dispatch supervisor Sue Everett learned the vehicle was associated with a missing elderly man from Versailles, Ky. The driver was Jon Steven Mirilovich, 83.

“He left his home, supposed to be going to Walmart, and I don’t think he ever made it to Walmart, but we found him about approximately 210 miles away,” Parton said. “He said that he’d been to Bojangles and McDonald’s but couldn’t remember where else he’d been from there.”

Parton and Everett were both happy to see Mirilovich back with family.

“It’s always nice when you’re checking a tag and it’s not a wanted person or a violent person, and if it’s a missing person or something in regard that you’re actually helping somebody, it’s not a negative thing,” Everett said. “I think the officer should take more of the credit. He noticed the vehicle, he got it stopped. We run NCIC on everybody anyway, it’s just our protocol, and that’s one of the reasons why we do that is for those situations.

“Not just the officer safety, but the safety or the assistance of the person in the vehicle,” she added. “It’s not just if the car is stolen, it just happened to be that his tag was linked to his missing person and brought everything all up at once.”