Following are recent property transactions recorded in the Loudon County Register of Deeds office:

April 17

CMH Parks Inc., to Granda P. Humphrey and Larry M. Humphrey, warranty deed, District 5, Stonebrook, lot 5, $199,900.

Terry L. Rosson to Gregory W. Tucker and Rhonda F. Tucker, warranty deed, District 2, Oakwood Estates, unit III, lot 92, $207,000.

Elizabeth D. Davis to Rafael Otero and Helen Esther Otero, warranty deed, District 2, Sweetwater Creek, lot 32, $184,900.

Christopher Martin Petty and Sarah Fisher Petty to Avery B. Massengill and Amy W. Massengill, warranty deed, District 5, Mahlon Place, lot 20, $290,000.

Wells Fargo Bank NA to Michael Hampton, warranty deed, District 2, Martel Estates, lot 43, $136,000.

William R. Moroney Jr. and Debra A. Moroney to Jon L. Saggio, District 2, South Place, lot 5, $17,500.

RDMN Investments LLC to Walter Thomas Weismantel, warranty deed, District 5, Warriors Chase, phase 1, unit 44, $244,400.

Jarold H. Groters and Douglas J. Groters, trustees of the Jarold and Elaine Groters Trust, to John Tuck, warranty deed, District 1, Coyatee Coves, lot 3, block 1, $2,500.

Miriam C. Pilcher, B. Lamar Pilcher and Lamar B. Pilcher to Donelyn Newman Merritt Jr. and Kathleen McLaughlin Merritt, warranty deed, District 1, Chota Shore Courts, lot 1, block 1, $667,500.

Margaret Jeanette Minix and Matthew Minix to David Harmon and Fauna Harmon, warranty deed, District 5, Eaton Forest, lot 31R1, $210,000.

Clint Richard Crooks and Diane Elizabeth Crabb to Robert J. Ludwig and Debby L. Ludwig, warranty deed, District 1, Chatuga Coves, lot 8, block 12, $1,500.

Mark R. Stevens, Matthew C. Stevens and Jacqueline K. Rayichen, trustees of the Stevens Family Living Trust, to Jordon L. Reif and Mary M. Reif, warranty deed, District 1, Toqua Greens, lot 44, block 9, $156,600.

Terri Anne Caplan, trustee of the Bullock Family Trust, to Robert L. Castleberry and Glenna Sheree Castleberry, warranty deed, District 1, Coyatee Shores, lot 2, block 7, $379,500.

April 18

CS Holdings LLC to James W. Chapman and Martha L. Chapman, warranty deed, District 1, Toqua Coves, lot 2, block 15, $7,000.

George W. Scott Jr., Kenneth G. Scott, Wanda L. Walton, Billie Jean Potter and George W. Scott, deceased, to William S. Swaggerty III and Sunae Swaggerty, warranty deed, District 1, East Hills addition, plots 18-19, $17,000.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Krestin Anthony Churchwell, warranty deed, District 2, Hamilton, lots 11-12, second addition, $102,000.

Clayton Properties Group Inc., Clayton Properties Inc., and CMH Parks Inc., to Rachel Ann Smith and Eugene Paul Smith, warranty deed, District 5, Stonebrook, lot 22, $189,900.

Elisabeth Schoch and Van Arthur Shrader to Jeffrey M. Zurosky and Laura Zurosky, warranty deed, District 2, 1 acre, Beals Chapel Road, $815,000.

Nathaniel N. Cole and Judith A. Cole, trustees of the Cole Revocable Trust, Anthony Cole, Karen Cole, Dylan Cole, Susan Reed, Thomas Reed, Amelia Reed and Tessa Reed to Josh Spence and Ashton Spence, warranty deed, District 5, acreage, $185,000.

Jeremiah L. Wampler and Shinae K. Wampler to Trad Staecker and Stephanie Staecker, warranty deed, District 2, Lenoir City, lots 1-2, block 22, section 2, $145,000.

John S. Reynolds and Susan Oakes Reynolds to John D. Bergen and Barbara A. Bergen, warranty deed, District 1, Coyatee Coves, lot 8, $28,000.

Hans Development Co., to Kathryn A. Patterson, trustee of the Kathryn A. Patterson 2000 Trust, warranty deed, District 1, Chatuga Coves, lot 11, block 3, $328,500.

April 19

Gregory T. Pratt, sub trustee, and Jonathan W. Bradshaw to 21st Mortgage Corporation, trustee’s deed, District 1, 1 acre, Bradshaw Property, lot 1, $27,000.

Nationstar Mortgage LLC and Champion Mortgage Company to Billy J. Smith, warranty deed, District 1, Mialaquo Point, lot 13, block 4, $129,000.

Kelly Smith and Barry Smith to Velvet G. Giddens, warranty deed, District 2, Lenoir City, lot 4, block 28, section 2, $180,000.

Jennifer L. Wampler and Jeremiah Wampler to Brittany M. Kinser, warranty deed, District 2, Lenoir City, lots 29-30, block 14, section 1, $118,690.

Richard D. Kagley and Teresa L. Kagley to CMH Homes Inc., warranty deed, District 5, 1 acre, Ford Road, $25,000.

Robert Michael Beach and Charles Leroy Beach, deceased, to James D. Lively and Tammy Lively, warranty deed, District 2, Webb, lot 14, $9,000.

Corey Burell to Carr Ward and Lisa Ward, warranty deed, District 2, Harrison Woods, unit 1, lot 26, $295,000.

Karen E. Couden, trustee of the Karen E. Couden Trust, to Robert Hansen and Sharon Hansen, warranty deed, District 1, Toqua Point, lot 5, block 11, $760,000.

Virginia M. Santoli and Robert Santoli to John D. Maxwell and Joan Maxwell, warranty deed, District 1, Tanasi Greens, lot 13, block 6, $260,000.

William W. Woodward, William W. Woodward Jr. and Alice B. Woodward to Glen R. Martin and Kay S. Martin, warranty deed, District 1, Coyatee Coves, lot 18, block 3, $330,000.

Julie DeVries to Marcus A. Allen and Lisa Allen, trustees of the Marcus and Lisa Allen Family Trust, warranty deed, District 4, Rarity Bay, phase 8, lot 918R3, $200,000.

James A. Gecsei, trustee of the James A. Gecsei Revocable Trust, and Paula A. Gecsei, to Thomas Frietsch and Soon Ja Frietsch, warranty deed, District 4, Rarity Bay, phase 5, lot 683, $1,015,000.

Mark H. Hulsey and Virginia L. Hulsey to Glenn D. Hanson and Mary A. Juillerat, warranty deed, District 1, Mialaquo Coves, lot 24, lot 15, $17,000.

Frederick J. Evans and Elizabeth S. Evans to Robert C. Hill, warranty deed, District 1, Tellico Senior Living Neighborhood Condominiums, unit 75, $185,000.

April 20

Matthew Guldan and Martha Guldan to Crossroads Christian Cooperative and Crossroads Christian Academy, quit claim deed, District 2, Highland Hills Church Crossroads Christian Academy, lot 1R, $0.

Jerry A. Bridenbaugh, sub trustee, Jessica Lindsey Kivett and Mackie, Wolf, Zientz & Mann PC, sub trustee, to Regions Bank, trustee’s deed, District 3, Crestwood Hills, unit 1, lot 66, $120,120.

Cynthia A. Crews to Cook Bros. Construction LLC, warranty deed, District 1, Toqua Greens, lot 15, block 8, $12,000.

Joe R. Alexander, William A. Alexander, Mary Frances Ladd and Leigh A. Lamb to Randall W. Patty, warranty deed, H.C. Greenway Jr. Property, lots 1-3, $900,000.

Susan Davis to Sacha L. Hankey, warranty deed, District 2, 602 C St., $101,450.