Following are property transactions recorded at the Loudon County Register of Deeds office:

Sept. 6

• Amy Janel Fitsimmons to Nicanor Almanza Espinoza and Mariela Guadalupe Galvan Mora, warranty deed, District 1, Bob Wilson, lot 10, $102,500.

• Gerald W. Donnelly and Judith Donnelly to Jeffrey L. Bishard and Annette Y. Bishard, warranty deed, District 1, Tanasi Coves, lot 7, block 10, $363,000.

• Devvin A. Howard, Alexandra L. Howard and Alexandra L. Brooks to Carolyn A. Cordrey, warranty deed, District 2, Highland Hills, unit 1, lot 33, $209,000.

• Patrick Brian Vaughn, Meredith L. Vaughn and Meredith Williams to Richard Null, warranty deed, District 2, Harrison Glen, unit 2, lot 70, $271,800.

• Benjamin Dorton and Mandy Dorton to Thomas B. Coffey and Alice L. Coffey, warranty deed, District 2, Oak Creek, lot 66R1, $352,500.

• Savannah Properties LLC to Gerald Donnelly and Judith Donnelly, warranty deed, District 3, Bellas Landing, lot 30, $274,900.

• John M. Casey and Carolyn M. Casey to James A. Whaley and Carol Lee Whaley, warranty deed, District 3, Rarity Pointe, phase 1, lot 62R, $466,200.

• Volunteer Studios Partners GP to Jason Murray Weston and Mary Pauline Weston, warranty deed, District 4, Derby Chase, lots 9 and 10, $90,000.

• Thomasine A. Gallagher and John M. Gallagher to Leland K. Cornett and Joyce M. Cornett, warranty deed, District 1, Lakeside Village, lot 15, $225,000.

• Betty J. Rather to John Gallagher and Thomasine Gallagher, warranty deed, District 5, Riverview Farms, unit 1, lot 62, $370,000.

• Michael W. Neff and Caryn V. Starkey to Paul M. Krupa, warranty deed, District 1, Watts Barr Estates, lot 36, $450,000.

• Judy S. Melton Thomas, Judy Back, Martha Roberts, Connie Smith and Maxine Chamberlain Hall, deceased, to Anita M. Musick, Jason Musick and Malcolm E. Musick, warranty deed, District 5, $125,000.

• Charlotte L. Lovelace to Gregory E. Boling and Jupiter Homes LLC, warranty deed, District 2, $26,000.

• Walt Dickson to D.R. Horton Inc., warranty deed, James Ridge, lots 2, 36 and 37, $126,000.

Sept. 9

• William Chase Dishner and Jacqueline Diane Dishner to William Chase Dishner and Jacqueline Diann Dishner, quit claim deed, District 1, McQueen, lot 3, $0.

• Robert E. Cadwalader and Geraldine L. Cadwalader to Robert E. Cadwalader and Geraldine L. Cadwalader, trustees of the Robert E. Cadwalader and Geraldine L. Cadwalader Revocable Living Trust, quit claim deed, $0.

• Mary Janice Brady to Mary Janice Brady and John Brady, quit claim deed, District 3, 21.4 acres, Virgil Blankenship Farm, lot 4, $0.

• Charles E. Rice and Kristin J. Rice to Robert Spires, warranty deed, District 2, Oakwood Estates, unit II, lot 19, $127,000.

• Mark E. Schaaf and Nancy G. Schaaf to Mark E. Schaaf and Nancy G. Schaaf, trustees of the Schaaf Revocable Trust, warranty deed, Toqua Point, lot 23, block 6, $0.

• Charles M. Yelverton to Charles Malcolm Yelverton, trustee of the Revocable Living Trust Agreement of Charles Malcolm Yelverton, warranty deed, District 2, Riverview Village, lot 18, $0.

• Crossing Group to Robert L. Widhalm and Catherine S. Widhalm, warranty deed, District 5, Stone Crossing, unit 3, lot 86, $461,000.

• Cobblestone Rentals LLC to Frank Barrett and Alice Barrett, warranty deed, District 2, Harrison Glen, unit 2, lot 91, $290,000.

• Oakland LLC to Russell E. Steffan and Vicky L. Steffan, warranty deed, Oak Creek, lot 50R1, $322,500.

• Clayton Properties Group Inc., and CMH Parks Inc., to Maria G. Abrego and Lorenzo Torres Tenorio, warranty deed, District 1, Legacy Park, unit 2, lot 51, $179,900.

• Christopher D. Ransome and Mary L. Ransome to Ray M. Jones and Shanna Jones, warranty deed, District 3, Michael R. McMillan, lot 1, $280,150.

Sept. 10

• Ronald L. Frohriep and Ellen M. Frohriep, trustees of the Ronald and Ellen Frohriep Joint Revocable Trust, to Sally Ann Rieger, trustee of the Sally Ann Rieger Living Trust, warranty deed, District 1, Tanasi Greens, lot 14, block 8, $92,500.

• Cook Bros. Construction LLC to Leslie F. Muranyi and Jane M. Muranyi, warranty deed, District 1, Toqua Greens, lot 32, block 9, $323,500.

• Crystal J. Crump to Todd J. Ozias, warranty deed, District 2, Carrington, lot 11, $300,000.

• Dennis P. Brennan to Crystal J. Crump, warranty deed, District 1, Hillcrest, lot 25, section B, $350,000.

• Regions Bank to David Hilliard and Melissa Hilliard, warranty deed, District 2, $55,000.

• Bradley Crowder and Latosha Crowder to Dylan Russell and Alissa Russell, warranty deed, District 1, $150,000.

• Edward Ratledge Jr., Tiffany Marie Ratledge, Joseph E. Ratledge and Betty Lou Ratledge to Thomas W. Green and Barbara S. Green, warranty deed, District 1, Green Acres, lots 38, 39 and 40, block D, $27,000.

• Garnett B. Prince and Patricia F. Prince to Michael D. Pfahl and Sylvia J. Pfahl, warranty deed, District 1, Toqua Shores, lot 21, block 17, $439,900.

• Garrett Clyde Harper to Rolando Mendoza and Yuri Mendoza, warranty deed, District 1, 4.834 acres, $138,000.

• Lisa Gardner Manning and Gabriel Manning to Juan M. Castro and Gabriela Rivera, warranty deed, District 2, 1.03 acres, $145,000.

Sept. 11

• Jacquelyn Ruth Admin Wilson, Helen Ruth Thomas, deceased, Samuel Houston Wilson, Scottie Elliot Wilson, Autumn Wilson Hendrick, Autumn Darla James, Eva Ruth Williams, deceased, and Roy Lynn Williams to Samuel Houston Wilson, quit claim deed, District 2, $0.

• Gloria Hughes to James S. Inman, warranty deed, District 2, 1.091 acres, $137,000.

• Nancy Jane Krahl, Daniel Paul Garbelman and Susan Garbelman to Michael Tanner and Stacey Tanner, warranty deed, Franklin Estates, unit 2, lot 24, $234,900.

• Fannie Mae, Federal National Mortgage Association and Wilson & Associates PLLC to Devvin A. Howard and Alexandra Howard, warranty deed, District 5, Executive Meadows II, phase II, $299,900.

• Ray Dean Walker and Katie Neal Robinson to Eugene S. Moretti and Christine M. Moretti, warranty deed, District 1, Shores, lot 25, block 1, $590,000.

• Regions Bank to 2150 Enterprises LLC, warranty deed, District 3, Union Planters Bank of East Tennessee, lot 1A, $93,610.

• George Alan Underwood to Edward D. Perry, trustee of the Edward D. Perry Revocable Trust, warranty deed, District 2, Pinewood Condominiums, unit 28, $240,000.

• William Waller Henry and Thomas G. Henry III to Malibu Boats LLC, warranty deed, District 1, 38.93 acres, $550,000.

Sept. 12

• Loudon County, Tenn., and City of Loudon, Tenn., to Sakuma International America Inc., warranty deed, Centre 75, lot 9R, $580,000.

• Benjamin J. Curtis to William J. Jenkins, warranty deed, District 1, Valley Vista, lot 104, $80,000.

• Richard Lee Truitt, Michael Lee Truitt, Carmen Truitt Agouridis and Sandra G. Truitt, deceased, to Jared R. Kesterson and Autumn R. Bolin, warranty deed, District 5, Duff Turner Estates, lot 2, $292,000.

• William M. Bass and Michele N. Bass to Guillermo Cutrone and Josefina Cutrone, warranty deed, District 1, Lighthouse Pointe, phase 2, lot 55, $98,000.

• Diana S. Pruitt and Blake N. Pruitt to Andrew Rutledge and Sherrie Rutledge, warranty deed, District 2, Oak Creek, lot 69R, $377,000.

• Joann Forest Green to Viorel Rotar and Elegant Construction, warranty deed, District 1, Toqua Greens, lot 9, block 11, $5,500.

• Marie Finks and Rhonda Moore to Anita F. Wilson and Gregory K. Wilson, warranty deed, District 1, Grove Place, lot 17, $110,000.

• Sweetwater Land Company Inc., to Daryl M. Longfellow and Wilma J. Longfellow, warranty deed, District 1, Toqua Coves, lot 8, block 6, $346,500.

• Rickey Robinson, Janella Robinson and Denny Smith Jr., to Bruce Glenn Lacour and Ann Alice Lacour, warranty deed, District 1, Toqua Coves, lot 28, block 1, $456,563.

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