Basically raised in the church

Kenny Scoggins reads Hebrews 11:6, which has been his ‘life verse’ since he was a child.

Kenny Scoggins, assistant pastor at Community Baptist Church in Lenoir City, had the importance of ministry and family ingrained in him from a young age.

His father, the Rev. Ken Scoggins, is pastor at CBC.

Before Kenny was born, his mother and father were involved in ministry. He grew up in a Christian school alongside his brothers.

Kenny said family was always the first priority, then ministry, “then everything else after that.” An emphasis on family has translated into Kenny’s adult life. His wife and two children are all actively involved with the ministry at CBC.

“He puts his family first, and I try to make sure he does that,” Ken said. “I tried to do that over the years with my own kids growing up.”

Kenny saw “a love of ministry” in his parents from an early age.

“I would go ride with my dad to see somebody sick, or I would go to the hospital with my dad, or I would ride the bus with my dad, and that’s just where it all started from … really following in their footsteps with it,” Kenny said.

As Kenny grew he was given more responsibility within his home church in Virginia.

“When we were younger we had some little responsibilities like setting up chairs for meals in the church and help cleaning,” he said. “One of the neatest jobs we got to look forward to when we got older was what we called security check where we went around and locked the doors, turned all the lights off. The church paid us a few dollars a week to do that.”

When Kenny and his siblings neared their teenage years in middle school, they started working on the bus ministry with Ken where they would help their father pick up church attenders.

“That was when we started being helpers and workers and serving alongside other people,” Kenny said. “So I would say since I was a kid, I was involved with some type of ministry, but it was really in middle school when I was about 12 or 13 when I got to be involved. It was about the same time that God called me to ministry. … I remember it was in the fall of when I was almost 13 and my dad was preaching and I answered the call to really be in ministry. I didn’t know what that entailed. I really didn’t fully understand what it was, but I knew God had called me to do that with my life, and that was the turning point in ministry for me to keep on doing it for the rest of my life.”

There was a seven-year period when Kenny wasn’t pastoring alongside his father, but now the duo can be seen at CBC. Kenny moved to Lenoir City with his wife and child in June 2017.

Kenny said 10 years ago he probably wouldn’t have been able to work with his father, citing a lack of maturity. Now, it’s a “good team effort.”

“It’s been a great privilege to work with my son,” Ken said. “He knows my heart, and he knows what I like to do in the ministry, and he’s a great second man to be able to help and fill in any time I need him. He just jumps right in.”