Morning Pointe tabs new executive director

Lindsay Williams, Morning Pointe of Lenoir City executive director, waves as cars pass by at a Aug. 25 drive-through meet and greet at the facility.

Morning Pointe of Lenoir City has a new executive director in place after Lindsay Williams took over the role Aug. 3.

Williams graduated from East Tennessee State University in 2004 with a degree in health care administration and a minor in business management. She said she wanted to work in health care, but was also interested in business. She was previously executive director for an assisted living community in Knoxville.

She was drawn to Morning Pointe because the company is family owned and based in Ooltewah. She’s also had friends and other coworkers work for the local assisted living center and heard nothing but good things.

Morning Pointe has lived up to its reputation and her expectations, Williams said.

Her desire is to focus on community outreach.

“Community outreach is always growing and can always be a plus in any community, especially here in Lenoir City and Loudon County area, because there’s not very many assisted livings,” she said. “I think that’s definitely something that we strive to be a big part of is in the community supporting local schools and hospitals and things like that. We definitely want to be a part of the community here and support them as well as how they support us.”

Jessica Schaeffer, community relations director, looks forward to community growth.

She said the transition during the pandemic has been challenging because of heightened regulations and limited time for community interaction. Williams and her team of managers have been creative in figuring out ways to introduce her safely.

On Aug. 25, Williams stood in front of Morning Pointe handing out bags of popcorn to families and Morning Pointe supporters as they drove through to meet her.

“The other day we did the pop in for popcorn meet and greet,” Williams said. “We had a lot of families come through and a lot of people in the community, referral sources, things like that, neighboring communities that came by to meet me, so that was very nice. It’s definitely been different with not being able to, you know, the families not being able to come in and meet me. So that was a way for us to do that. Residents, it’s mainly just walking around, getting to know them, talking to them. There’s been several that’s taken me into their rooms and shown me their pride and joys and things they enjoy and stuff like that so that’s been fun. Helping in the dining room has helped me get to know people.”

Williams has also called families of residents and told them to ask for her if they drop items off for loved ones. Hopes are to have a virtual family night in September, which will offer time for Williams to get to know the families.

Schaeffer said Williams’ personality is a perfect fit for the job.

“She just has a really great personality and she’s super friendly and outgoing, and I don’t think she’s ever met a stranger a day in her life,” Schaeffer said. “So I think all those things kind of speak well to this environment, and she’s definitely a people person. So I think that is great for our residents, our families and our community. … I think our staff is just really excited to have her energy with us and kind of looking forward to getting to know her better and getting to do some fun things here.”