The Loudon Fire Department will test fire hydrants Sept. 7-18.

The program will include inspection, maintenance and flowing of hydrants in the city.

Most flow tests will be completed 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday-Friday with exception to high-congestion areas like downtown Loudon, which will be done evenings or on weekends. Hopes are to identify problems and have them corrected by the water department, ultimately saving firefighters time during an emergency.

When tested, iron deposits in lines can result in brown discoloration of water in the area. That will be temporary and correct itself in a few hours. Drinking and cooking with the water is safe, but the fire department recommends no washing of white clothing before checking.

Discolored water will clear up under normal usage over time. The fire department recommends running cold water to see if it’s cleared and limiting the use of hot water until clear to keep iron deposits out of the hot water heater.

Program benefits include knowing your hydrant has been tested and is in good operational condition. Annual flows reduce and remove iron deposits in water lines and improve overall water quality.

There will be at least three fire crews conducting tests. Because of problems they might discover, the fire department may move to different areas of town daily. All residents should check water clarity on these days.

For more information, contact Capt. Andrew Disney, LFD fire hydrant inspection officer, at 865-408-0408.