On behalf of the Loudon High School Redskins 1969 Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association Class AA football champions, I would like to thank the LHS athletic department and the football booster club for honoring us on the 50th anniversary of our championship.

I would especially like to thank Athletic Director Ronnie Roberts, booster club President Gary Whitfield and LHS Coach Jeff Harig. What a thrill for our team to be remembered after 50 years. Thanks to the fans for remembering with us and honoring us with their applause.

Sadly, several of the team and Coach William Bert "Chig" Ratledge are no longer with us. We fondly remember them and what they meant to us, especially TSSAA and LHS Football Hall of Fame member Coach Ratledge.

In the Loudon Herald in November 1969, esteemed columnist Joe Webster wrote, “In 50 years we will remember,” and we did.

Gary Dutton


EDITOR'S NOTE: Gary Dutton was assistant football coach 1967-72 at LHS.