I attended the March 18 meeting of Loudon City Council and was appalled at what I witnessed.

Council allowed more than 45 minutes for a Lenoir City resident to complain about her alleged mistreatment by the city manager's office for feeding feral cats on Loudon property.

The discussion eventually led to council calling for an “executive session," where they discussed issues without the public. However, the city attorney is apparently required to be in attendance. The city attorney was out of town and not available, but an invited guest of one council member just happened to be in the audience and was an attorney.

For an unknown reason, council accepted the invited attorney as legal counsel and voted to move the meeting to an “executive session," thus denying Loudon residents open access to government meetings.

Once the council meeting resumed, Mayor Jeff Harris announced the resignation of the city attorney. A council member recommended an investigation be opened on the city manager’s office and requested his suspension with pay. The same council member stated this had nothing to do with the feral cat issue.

I am a retired military officer with 30 years of service to the country I love and cherish and have witnessed things most Americans will never see — from combat to humanitarian missions, and now Loudon City Council in action.

Harris was apparently the only level-headed individual who was attempting to resolve a delicate issue.

John Franklin