Voting is a duty

I’m a retired military veteran and I’m often thanked for my service, which I greatly appreciate.

However, I feel as though too many of you don’t truly appreciate what my brothers and sisters have given you. I’m appalled and severely disappointed. Too many of you — about one in three — have not done your job.

According to the Loudon County Registrar’s office, as of November 2017 there are 33,568 registered voters in our county. Of those, more than 10,000 of you registered voters have thumbed your noses at my service and have chosen not to vote.

It is my opinion that every citizen of the United States has two jobs to do for their country — pay taxes and vote. These two actions are absolutely intertwined and should not be mutually exclusive. If you’re of age, a legal citizen and not a convicted felon, it’s your duty to vote. It’s your job.

If you’re eligible to vote and you’ve got a pulse, there are no acceptable excuses. You can vote early and you can vote absentee. If you’re in the hospital, wheelchair bound or out of the country, you have the right to vote, but, more importantly, you have the duty to vote.

If you’re not sure what the rules are, or aren’t sure how to get registered, contact the Loudon County Election Commission at 865-458-2560. The last day to register is April 2.

Get it done. You’ve got one voice. One vote. Be heard.

Maj. Sean B Kelly, USAF

Loudon County