Vote for gun legislation

I married my high school sweetheart. We met in high school band, married and had four wonderful kids who are now wonderful adults.

I was a Loudon County commissioner for eight years. My church created Ribfest 4 Homes. We built several homes with Habitat for Humanity. As I type on Palm Sunday, my home is occupied by a respite foster child. Millie and I decided not to simply waste our extra, empty bedrooms but to do some more good.

I share this not to “toot my horn” but to give a glimpse of a life — a life that was allowed to live. Imagine if Millie or I had gone to school or band practice or whatever and one or both of us were gunned down. None of this story could have been written. Place your own wonderful, unique and giving lives in place of mine. Now imagine that snuffed out in seconds.

We are told the solution is more guns. If it were true, America would be the safest place on earth instead of a place where 96 people die each day from gun violence. Some are suicides, which with a gun is 90 percent effective and with pills there is a 97 percent chance of survival.

We need to take action. These are the five policies March for Our Lives students are requesting:

A ban on semi-automatic weapons that fire high-velocity rounds.

A ban on bump stocks and other accessories that simulate automatic weapons.

The creation of a database for gun sales and universal background checks.

Raising the legal age to purchase guns to 21.

Closing the gun show loophole and loophole for second-hand gun sales.

Vote for people who support these. Join a gun violence prevention group. Join the nationwide walkout April 20.

David Twiggs

Lenoir City