We have been happy residents of Loudon for nearly three years.

However, we are appalled at last week's meeting when Loudon City Council allowed a 45-minute derogatory speech about city staff in a self-inflating dialogue by a Lenoir City resident who comes to feed feral cats at Loudon-owned property along the Tennessee River that’s soon to be demolished.

Yet council choose to suspend the open meeting in order to hold a closed executive session and came out with three decisions:

• Hire a Knoxville attorney who happened to be there at the invitation of one of the council members.

• Put the Loudon city manager on suspension to investigate employment practices.

• Refuse to hear or wait for other expert testimony on how best to manage a feral cat population that is not a protected species.

Per recent newspaper accounts, Knoxville has euthanized more than 3,000 feral cats in the last three years but passed a new ordinance in January to change this practice and catch, spay/neuter and release community cats.

Loudon City Council has taken inappropriate actions that will waste taxpayer dollars for litigation and court action. They made poor decisions in a closed-door executive session without public debate.

Shame on Loudon City Council. Only Mayor Jeff Harris voted against these poor decisions. Let's do a recall.

Chris McGreevey