We have lived in Loudon for more than nine years after retiring from Washington, D.C., and absolutely love the peace and quiet of Tennessee life.

We attended the Loudon City Council meeting March 18 and were outraged at the conduct of this council. The agenda did not indicate the main focus of this meeting.

Council began talking about feral cats, but the discussion swiftly morphed into a witch-hunt to suspend the Loudon City Manager Ty Ross and place him under investigation for employment practices.

This witch-hunt was premeditated and planned well in advance of the council meeting. Councilwoman Tammi Bivens personally invited an outside lawyer — she acknowledged this — from Knoxville to the meeting since the appointed city attorney, Joe Ford, was not able to attend.

Council members all voted to suspend the city manager and place him under investigation. Only Mayor Jeff Harris voted “no” against these horrendous actions and we personally thank him for having good moral sense.

The council adjourned in “executive session” at the repeated requests of the Knoxville lawyer and Bivens. Council phoned Ford and he, in turn, resigned because the council would not take his advice.

This is an outrage.

Ross and Ford have served Loudon exceedingly well and this travesty should be remedied immediately and any derogatory comments on their records expunged.

Rodger and Jennie Nash