My husband, Ed, and I were shopping at Home Depot and Walmart in Lenoir City on the evening of Monday, April 29.

We made some purchases at Home Depot and headed over to Walmart to pick up some additional items. I did not realize until I tried to retrieve my credit card from my wallet in Walmart that my wallet was not in my purse.

We went back to Home Depot and asked their customer service department if a wallet had been turned in and they said no wallet had been given to them. Ed and I searched the checkout area as well as the parking lot to no avail.

Needless to say, I was thinking about all the companies I would have to contact to inform them of what happened. As we were driving down our driveway in Loudon, we noticed an unfamiliar car. I had a wonderful hunch. A lovely Loudon couple was at our home to return my wallet.

They told me they saw it in the Home Depot parking lot. They noticed, per my license, that I lived in Loudon and knew I would be very anxious to get the wallet back. I really appreciate them taking the time to bring my wallet back to me.

Ed and I have lived here for more than 17 years. We love this area, love the kindness of the people and love Loudon.

Beth Fendley