Early voting during a gubernatorial election hit a new high mark in Loudon County, shattering previous turnout numbers.

After 14 days of polling, early voting drew 16,218 people across Loudon County. The previous record for turnout during a gubernatorial election was 9,272 in 2010, according to Susan Harrison, county administrator of elections.

Early voter turnout makes up 45.7 percent of all registered voters in Loudon County and is only about 2,500 voters shy of the early voting turnout for the 2016 presidential election.

Harrison said during a previous interview that she believed statewide races were driving turnout.

“There’s a big Senate race, a governor’s race,” she said. “There’s a lot at stake this election. I think that’s what’s driving it.”

The election wrapped up Tuesday after News-Herald presstime.

Results of the election are available now at www.news-herald.net and will be printed in the Nov. 14 edition of the News-Herald.