More than 30 Morning Pointe residents got a full treatment of facials, hand and foot massages and makeovers in celebration of national “Gorgeous Grandma Day.”

The second annual observance at Morning Pointe was made up of local volunteers, such as Lenoir City’s Forever Young Skin Care, which administered facials and hand and foot massages.

Women received new hairdos from Candy McCallister, Morning Pointe’s hairdresser. Camie Entrekin, life enrichment director, applied makeup. Once residents were massaged and made over, the women sat behind the long-lensed camera of Karen Jones, a local professional photographer, to capture the “after” results of their day of pampering.

Participants agreed the day was a hit.

“I had a massage, hands and feet, facial,” Elsie Baxendale said. “It was a good feeling. It was a change, a nice change.”

Baxendale concluded her favorite part of day was the foot massage.

The facility ordered food from Apple Cake Tea Room for residents to snack on while awaiting appointments. A free jewelry bar of donated jewelry was also open to residents to help complete their glamorous look.

However, not only women wanted to participate.

“It was funny because the men said could they participate,” Entrekin said. “So Earl Brackett and Robert Devu, two of our gentleman residents, they participated too because we didn’t want to leave them out.”

Helen James received a special birthday facial that has since boosted her confidence.

“I’m going to catch a man,” she said jokingly.

James’ favorite part of the facial was “just laying back in the chair and doing nothing.”

“It’s hard to do anything for this much,” James said, touching her face. “It’s perfect already.”

Juanita Sabattus also enjoyed her first facial experience.

“I wish she’d come back today,” Sabattus said. “Man, it felt good.”

Sabattus had a professional picture made, which was another first. Despite not wanting her picture made, Entrekin encouraged Sabattus to sit in front of the camera.

“She didn’t want her picture made, and I said, ‘I really would like to have a picture of you,’” Entrekin said. “Because they don’t realize that those professional pictures, they mean something to me. If something happens to them, then I’ll have one. Their families really like them, too.”

With the facial and photography experience under her belt, Sabattus is hooked on Gorgeous Grandma Day.

“It was wonderful,” she said. “I wish we’d have it more often.”

Entrekin said the event was a success since residents have continued to talk about the day of pampering and wear their newfound jewelry to the facility’s nightly dinners.

“As long as they were able to have something that they enjoyed, that’s what we wanted to do, to bring something that everyone could enjoy,” she said. “It makes them so happy. It just helps to relax them, and it makes them feel good about themselves. To me, I love watching them. I love watching them get pampered. It just means a lot to me to see that. They just have so much fun.”