Loudon Utilities Board received an update Monday on the Hutch property demolition and considered a potential future project in the area.

“Everybody’s drove across the bridge sees that the old creamer building has been mostly leveled,” Jack Qualls, Loudon County Economic Development Agency executive director, said. “That was the first building this process was looking at.

“The second building that we’ll be tearing down next is what we call the ‘saw tooth building,’ which is closest to the railroad trestle,” he added. “Hoping to start on that building sometime in the middle of the week. Looking to probably two weeks to get that building down, and then we’ll do the last building, closest to the highway bridge will be the last building to be completed.”

The “saw tooth building” has a roofline that looks like “saw teeth.”

Qualls said the demolition process is running smoothly, and crews are working 7 a.m.-7 p.m. shifts seven days a week.

The building nearest the highway will be the final task.

“That building had the asbestos removed,” Qualls said. “We needed a little extra time on the bigger building, which has the most asbestos, which is closest to the highway.”

Qualls and others plan to move the camera that has been tracking the Hutch property demolition to capture the next phase.

“Everything’s on schedule,” he said. “Everything’s going pretty good. Haven’t had any snags yet.”

Ty Ross, LUB manager, proposed an additional demolition project with Complete Demolition Services, which is the company that has been removing the Hutch property.

“We have an abandoned, dilapidated house on the water treatment plant property,” Ross said. “It’s an A-frame style house. It’s empty and dilapidated. It’s certified as such by building inspector Travis Gray. What I requested of Complete Demolition Services is what they would charge to remove that structure while they were mobilized here in Loudon. I received a quote from them of $15,000. What this would be is essentially a change order after their existing contract, an additional $15,000 to remove this empty, dilapidated home that’s beside the water treatment plant.”

Qualls considered the removal of the house cost-effective while the company is mobilized in town.

“Actually, that’s probably going to be of good value just based on some of the conversations I’ve had,” he said. “It sounds like they’re getting a similar quote on some of the dumping fees the city gets at the landfill, so hopefully that would be comparable.”

Councilman Johnny James questioned if adding the demolition of the A-frame would interfere with the Hutch project.

Qualls doubted tacking on a second project would cause a problem.

Ross hopes to contact Complete Demolition Services to get specifics on a change order for the next LUB meeting, which is scheduled for 4:30 p.m. Aug. 26 in the new Loudon City Hall.