After seeing firsthand the good 100 Women Who Care brought to the Knoxville area, a group of women is looking to do the same in Loudon County in hopes of contributing $10,000 to one nonprofit organization each time they meet.

“Sometimes we don’t know what our community needs until we hear it voiced,” Julie Hurst, 100 Women Who Care Loudon County leadership board member, said. “One of the best things about going to the Knoxville one is seeing all of the great initiatives by these nonprofits for their determination to help a specific group or a specific cause and seeing the need and the fire behind these nonprofits.

“We know that the financial contribution is a commitment, but we also know that for less than a dollar a day you can make our community $10,000 stronger,” she added.

Members who join the group come together four times a year and donate a $100 check to a chosen nonprofit. Prior to the meeting, three nonprofit organizations are picked through random drawing.

Amanda Tinker, who serves on the leadership board, said nominations are already underway. Hopes are to have three organizations chosen before the first meeting, which is scheduled for 7 p.m. Sept. 25 at The Venue at Lenoir City.

“You bring a blank check to each meeting,” Hurst said, noting membership sign-ups are free. “After the three nonprofits have given a five-minute speech about their nonprofit and what their intentions are with the money, the members vote. One nonprofit will be chosen and the members write their check directly to that nonprofit and then that nonprofit is in charge of their tax issues and all of that kind of thing for our members. The 100 Women leadership and the 100 Women organization, we don’t even have a bank account.

“We strictly run on a little bit of prayer, a little bit of donation and lots of determination to make this work for our community,” she added. “The Knoxville chapter has been able to build an entire playground for Pond Gap Elementary School.”

The local effort is still welcoming members. Tinker said the group has a little more than 50 participants, and women are encouraged to join even after the 100 mark is met.

Leadership board member Martha Guldan remains optimistic the number will increase in time.

“The Knoxville chapter, each meeting they can have more members,” Guldan said. “They have members join each meeting and they’re still continuing to grow. We know that our community’s going to step up to the challenge and I anticipate that we will have well over 100 members.”

“We absolutely think that people are going to want to be a part of 100 Women of Loudon County,” Hurst added. “Once they see the impact that we can make for our community, it’s a no-brainer that this is an excellent organization to become a member of and contribute to.”

For more information on 100 Women Who Care Loudon County, visit www.100womenloudon The leadership board is comprised of Tinker, Hurst, Guldan and Betsy Junot.

“I want to stress that it is for all women of all ages, all religions, all demographics,” Guldan said. “It’s a giving circle about unity and bettering our community.”