Greenback woman charged with attempted murder

Leslie W. Myers

A Greenback woman is facing an attempted murder charge after law enforcement responded April 7 for a domestic violence situation in Greenback.

Leslie W. Myers, 42, has been charged with attempted first-degree murder and is held on $250,000 bond.

Loudon County Sheriff’s Office Deputies Thomas Spradlin, Matt Fagiana, Chance Gray and Cody Bengel responded to the call at a residence off Highway 95. The female caller alleged her husband tried to kill her by strangulation.

The male victim called 911 stating he had been stabbed. Deputies met Myers, who was inside a vehicle, along with her children and a friend of one of her children.

“The victim could not come out of the house due to his injuries,” Spradlin wrote in a report. “Cpl. Fagiana could see blood all over the kitchen floor. The victim opened the door and I could see that he had been stabbed multiple times.”

The man was taken to a couch where first aid was administered. A “massive blood trail” followed from the kitchen to the living room. Spradlin observed lacerations on the man’s arms, chest and both legs. The man claimed he was in bed when she stabbed him.

Medics arrived on scene and transported the victim to University of Tennessee Medical Center.

One of Myers’ children gave a written statement, claiming the two were arguing and Myers yelled “get off of me and he’s trying to kill me,” according to the a report from Spradlin.

“I went downstairs and there was blood everywhere on the floor,” Spradlin wrote in a report. “Went back upstairs to get everyone and left. The offender stated that she needed medical attention, and medics arrived on scene and determined the offender needed a doctor stitch a laceration on the offender’s arm.”

After being transported to the hospital, Myers said she cut herself.

During interrogation, LCSO Inv. Patrick Upton said Myers admitted to the stabbing.

“She said she was a vessel from God and that she wanted to kill him,” Upton said. “… She did say she wished him dead. I don’t really know the motive or whatever as far as with her. … Usually when we have these there’s a girlfriend or greed or just a domestic fight that went bad, but this one don’t know, could be all of the above.”

No motive has been given as to why she stabbed the victim, Upton said.

Myers claimed the victim allegedly tried strangling her, but the evidence didn’t match.

“The evidence, the blood trauma that was found throughout the house and that which apparently started on the bed and his wounds didn’t match up what she was saying,” Upton said. “So we got everything settled down there and brought her back to the sheriff’s office and interviewed her and once we interviewed her that’s when she admitted that it was her knife and that he wasn’t strangling her or trying to smother her or anything, that he was asleep, which he said he was asleep. She said that she started stabbing him and she wanted to kill him.”

The case is expected to be turned over to 9th Judicial District Attorney General Russell Johnson’s office. Johnson’s office is already aware of Myers, Upton said.

“We’ll definitely be getting a case file to them,” Upton said. “We’ll have to go through the preliminary hearing. They’ll have to see if she’s able to stand trial or not and go through the motions, but we stand firm on the charge and that’s the charge we’re going to seek in the indictment. That’ll be up for the Loudon County grand jury, but I think at this point that with the evidence and her statement itself I think there’s plenty there of making probable cause. But it’s a bad situation, could have been worse no doubt about that.”

This is the second time since November that Myers has been involved in a stabbing with the same man. An incident report in November from LCSO Deputy Brandon Pesterfield notes the man was stabbed twice in the back. The victim claimed she was “raising hell” questioning if he had been with another woman. At that time, the knife was found in the kitchen dishwasher.

“It happened one time and now then it happened again,” Upton said. “So we’ve got to look at — I mean one time’s bad enough. I guess you could get to say maybe something got out of hand maybe, but two times and the severity of the stab wounds.”